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Nicks Diving Gallery

Australia - The Great Barrier Reef

I completed my PADI Open Water in Cairns and had the opportunity of a lifetime, to dive the Great Barrier Reef. What a breathtakingly beautiful place to learn to dive! I even had the chance to meet Wally, the famous Maori Wrasse, one of the friendliest fish I have met who is partial to a bit of lip tickling and scratching!

Thailand - Koh Phi Phi Island

After completing my Advanced back in the cold waters around Guernsey with Matt from Dive Guernsey I was keen to get into the tropical waters again. Eventually we hit the island of Koh Phi Phi and I booked a spot on one of the boats, spending the day diving in the crystal clear waters with octopus and puffer fish.

Thailand - Koh Tao

Diving in Koh Tao was an incredible experience and while I was here I took the opportunity to complete my Dive Masters with Master Divers accompanied by my favourite brother-in-law, Bo. I was blessed to have seen not only one, but two majestic whale sharks whilst diving at Chumphon Pinnacle and White Rock, something I will never forget.