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Hello and welcome to the world of the Wandering Donkeys!

After deciding to finally “Tie the knot” in 2011 after 7 years together we decided we wanted to do something different for our honeymoon. Our plans to travel the world were decided yet again by the flip of a coin! Here on this very website you will find the documented travels of The Wandering Donkeys. Follow our journey through the blog pages and galleries and check out our videos on our YouTube Channel.

“We’re a couple of green tea drinking, vegetable loving, tree hugging travellers! “

We are not and do not claim to be intrepid explorers! (Although we have had our fair share of ‘interesting experiences’ whilst on our travels) We are just two ordinary people who share the same dream, to experience the world and it’s many different cultures and educate ourselves through our encounters both good and bad (and we’ve had plenty of both!) We have and will make many friends along the way and we’ve met some truly amazing, inspiring and supportive souls who have touched our hearts and brought joy to our lives.

We are just two ordinary people who share the same dream

We wanted to thank all our family, friends and followers all over the world for your continued support. Without you this trip wouldn’t be possible

Nick & Laura

Australia Tour

Welcome to the home of the Wandering Donkeys

Travel BlogChristmas 2013 both the Mums flew out to Australia for a visit and a chance to experience life on the road in our 4x4 CLICK HERECheck out our Australian adventure which commenced in July 2013 and we covered 35,000 km in our 4x4, Jody CLICK HERETeam WD are currently exploring in New Zealand!  CLICK HERE

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That's right, we have our own merchandise. Every item sold helps towards our travels! Follow the link to our store   CLICK HERE Want to know the full story or what we are up to? Click on the link to our travel blog. We try to update it as often as we can!  CLICK HERE Follow Nicks underwater diving adventures! CLICK HERE

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